In an outstanding position among the biggest and the best companies in Portugal, and one of the world leaders in cork stoppers, Piedade Group searches for success, believing in its permanent construction. By means of a live and brave heart of its founders, history begun at Piedade Group in 1963. Since that moment, strategic management choices for Piedade Group included the control of raw material source and a strong industrial investment, including new manufacturing units and permanent production modernization. In 2004 the Group invested in a production unit of a new generation of technical stoppers that allowed to expand its commercial activity. As a result of the meeting between the tradition of a natural product with deep historical roots and the technological investments made, was born a new generation of innovative technical stoppers – PIETEC®.

Today Piedade Group is part of Oeneo Group. Oeneo Group is a designer and manufacturer of high-end solutions for the production of wines and spirits; from the wine to the Closure, through 2 different business activities: Cooperage (Seguin Moreau & Vivelys) and Closings (Diam Bouchage & Piedade).